“Remarkable.” “Groundbreaking insights.” “Provocative.” “Spellbinding.” “Funny.” “World class.” “Unmatched.”

“Marsha has an uncanny ability to distill complex and interrelated issues into
actionable advice and strategies.”

Clients and Testimonials:   The experience, the ROI, the fun.

Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem experience spans the Fortune 100 to multinationals, venture capital infused start-ups, think tanks, universities, conferences and professional associations around the globe. For presentations and workshops, most every client engages the firm’s CEO, Marsha Lindsay again and again. That’s because audience ratings are always high for presentation style, content quality and impact of the learning.

At the heart of Marsha Lindsay is a ferocious curiosity matched only by the sheer exuberance with which she shares something new. She appears to spend half her time looking for new and better ways for businesses and people to reach their full potential. She takes joy in the research, the reading and the hard work to create groundbreaking insights and strategies. She appears to spend the other half of her time teaching, no, compelling us to use those insights and strategies to create more than we could have ever expected.
– Global CMO of Kohler Company.

I brought Marsha in to take our Executive team through her latest research and insights. The experience was powerful; her insights remarkable. The information was so well received we had her back for a second engagement.  Marsha has an uncanny ability to distill complex and interrelated ideas – not obvious to many – into actionable advice and strategies. Her ability to connect with a broad variety of leadership styles is unmatched.
– VP of Alliant Energy.

Marsha’s Yoda to many, able to see future issues, growth and margin opportunities that others do not. She has a real talent for framing them clearly; brilliant advice for dealing with them.
– CEO of MPetty Group.

I’ve had the great fortune of benefitting from Marsha’s research, insight and wisdom on strategic projects seeking to grow multi-national brands. She always delivers thought-provoking insights and recommendations.
Former Director of Consumer Insights, Kraft.

“Marsha is a unique blend of captivating speaking abilities, hands-on management and business development experience, and the foresight to see where companies and organizations should go before they even recognize it themselves. Her featured address at one of our largest annual conferences left people spell-bound, but ready to act on her advice!”
– President of Wisconsin Technology Council.

Marsha’s a thought leader capable of notating trends 3-5 years in advance and crafting strategy to not only prepare but excel.
– COO of American Family Insurance.

Her unique and transformative methods helped us hone our vision while becoming more efficient and effective in the strategic planning process.
– President of Northcentral Technical College.

She’s part strategist, part futurist, part educator and the consummate dot connecter of trends, ideas, concepts and people.
– Former business partner and CEO Storytown PR.

Marsha’s capacity, competence and credibility in branding, consumer psych and habit are extraordinary.
– CEO Destination Madison.

Marsha’s smart, funny, provocative, informative and fun…a world class speaker.
– Editor of Adobe CMO.com.