To help executives lead and succeed, we make thinking about and
planning for the future
more enlightened, more strategic, easier.

We’re a business growth consultancy that conducts robust studies on the future,
then consults and educates C-Suites, boards of directors and marketers so they can
prepare and transform now for what’s ahead.

What’s next and strategically best for advantage, value creation, effective marketing.

The future belongs to those who learn more—and learn it sooner. That’s because the kind of transformation needed to accelerate growth and flourish takes time to pull off. As was emphasized at The London Business School: Most organizations allocate 90% of their efforts to today, with the rest going to tomorrow. But what distinguishes category kings and paradigm shifters is they devote lots of time now to day after tomorrow thinking. Day after tomorrow thinking is Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem’s expertise. It’s easy to tap into through our standard or bespoke presentations and workshops; one-on-one counsel.

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Maximizing insight and the time you have to smartly plan for and capture great opportunity.

Behavioral economics reveals we discount the long-term in favor of short-term interests. So those who open their eyes now to what’s ahead will have more time to create a future as they’d like it to be. That’s why Marsha Lindsay founded Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem. She’s dedicated to researching megatrends on the horizon, then enlightening C-suites, board directors and marketers so they can better prepare for them it today.

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“What my team learned equipped them to be force multipliers in the organization.”

“Lindsay takes complex and wicked situations, organizing and framing them so clearly that my team now sees how to tackle them.