Our futurecasts, presentations, masterclasses, workshops, playbooks and counsel
help you align, and succeed given what’s just over the horizon.

We’re a strategic foresight consultancy.

We conduct robust studies on the future, then consult and educate C-Suites, boards of directors and marketers so they can prepare sooner for what lies ahead and remain viable, growing, competitive.

Companies that prioritize planning for the future outperform their peers.

It’s common sense. But research studies now confirm it. One recently published in the Harvard Business Review reveals that executives of top performing companies don’t spend any more time on their work than those at other companies – they just spent it quite differently. They’re more forward-looking; more likely than the broader executive population to list as their top focus thinking about the day after tomorrow.

Executives that prioritize learning skillsets critical for the future outperform their peers.

It’s common sense. But few execs have the extra time or energy needed to take semester-long courses, or sort through thousands of professional articles, videos and multiple best sellers. A far more efficient and effective approach is to start by learning two competencies absolutely core to future success as well as present success—the kind that earns one the opportunity to rise: One is how to do effective strategic planning. The other is how to accelerate growth and value creation with branding and innovation.

Want to learn what’s just over the horizon for your company, brand and career?

“I expected to learn some new things but this was astonishing.”


“Captivating and hyper-relevant.”

“I’m blown away.”


“The half-day workshop was transformative”

“The learning was the best investment I’ve made in a long time. It’s already changing company culture and mindsets enterprise wide.”

“For two years we’ve had LF&S CEO keynote. And we’ll ask her again.”

“Marsha was the highest rated speaker of the whole conference.”

“What my team learned equipped them to be force multipliers in the organization.”

“Lindsay takes complex and wicked situations, organizing and framing them so clearly that my team now sees how to tackle them.