Behavioral economics reveals it’s human nature to discount the long-term in favor of short-term interests. That’s why Marsha Lindsay founded Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem. The firm is dedicated to researching what’s just over the horizon, then enlightening executives now so they’re better able to create the future as they’d like it to be.

In a universe with many consultants, trainers, speakers

and playbooks, five things distinguish us:

1. Our research methodology: It’s been vetted and perfected over 30 years to reliably uncover business issues and opportunities emerging on the horizon. We connect dots in a way that reveals what others don’t yet see.

2. Our experienced analysis: LF&S’s chief analyst Marsha Lindsay has a 30-year track record of reliably forecasting what’s likely to impact growth, marketing and leadership. Learning this before others allows you more time to prepare and increases the odds of competitive advantage.


3. A think tank of visionary and experienced business executives, researchers and thought leaders

from around the globe: They inform and vet our insight, foresight and the strategies we recommend

in our playbooks.


4. The dynamic way we teach what’s next and the strategic options to prepare for it:

Our pedagogy is famously engaging and interactive. 


5. Impact: Our playbooks are actionable. Audience ratings are always high for presentation content and delivery. Those who engage us (Fortune 100, multinationals, VC-infused startups, national and international conferences and associations) almost always hire us for a second – even a third assignment.  

Our insight and foresight comes from

three major study areas on the day after tomorrow: 


Future of commerce, culture and consumption:  


Why and how they’re merging. The ways this convergence impacts how companies must organize, market and transform into consumer-centric ecosystems to accelerate learning, competitive advantage and growth.


Presentations, workshops and counsel from this study area cover:

  • Eleven dynamics changing the future of revenue and organizational models, marketing and growth strategies.

  • How to build a future-ready business: A growth playbook for transformation in preparation for the day after tomorrow.

  • How people's preferences and decision-making will be further Impacted by technology. 

  • Future of branding: a singular definition, new performance metrics, new principles and one winning strategy. 

  • Why and how the successful launch and scaling of an innovation or new brand will change in the future.

Future of marketing effectiveness: 


Why the growth of most companies is slowing. Why and how the effectiveness of marketing is now challenged. Why and how great marketing strategy is tantamount to a company’s business strategy and the implications: a new operational model, new metrics, a new approach to innovation.


Presentations, workshops and counsel from this study area cover:

  • Strategies newly proven to accelerate growth and margin in today’s digital, social, mobile and D2C world. 

  • The power of habit – how to leverage it for more successful innovation, marketing and YOY growth.

  • The crisis facing all content marketers and how to address it.

  • The psychological drivers of effective brand storytelling.

  • The universally effective and efficient innovation platform of the future.

  • No profit = No purpose! How to get purpose-driven marketing right. 

What do LF&S study findings mean for those in an organization who are most responsible for future-proofing and future-making? Before they can transform others, they must first transform themselves.

Presentations, workshops and counsel from this study area cover:

  • Why the business you’re now in is human behavior. The science you need to know to excel at it.

  • The financial and competitive imperative to “market” marketing within an organization and “how-to.”

  • The new competencies every exec charged with transformation should know. 

  • How boards and C-suites are inadvertently stifling their company’s growth, and how to remedy it.

  • What day after tomorrow thinking requires – and five ways to excel at it.

Future of leadership

in the board room,

C-suite and marketing department:


Our insights have been pubished by 

Investor’s Business Daily, The New York Times, Fast Company, Adobe’s CMO.com, Forbes, Ad Age, The 4As, AdWeek, Becker’s Hospital Review, and Becker’s Hospital CFO. 


Headquartered in Madison Wisconsin, USA

LF&S is a foresight consultancy with a long

track record of accuracy.

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