Our founder and CEO, Marsha Lindsay, is a globally respected thought leader and popular speaker.

Marsha’s studies and strategic playbooks for the future are built upon her deep expertise in the science of human behavior and decision-making, which she applies to accelerating the growth, value creation and transformation of organizations.

Clients she’s served span the Fortune 100, multinationals and VC infused start-ups; categories from technology to health care to med-tech, CPG and consumer durables, finance and insurance, home décor, hospitality, education, fitness and professional sports.

A popular speaker, those featuring her included SXSW 2020,Columbia University’s Executive MBA program, the IPA’s “Marketing Effectiveness Week” in London, international Indie Summits in Beijing and London, The World Business Forum in NYC, the 4’s annual conference, 21stCentury Fox, Next Level Summits, MediaPost OMMA Chicago, and The E-Business Consortium.

Think Tank’s valuing her perspective include Zurich’s Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute of Economic and Social Studies (on the future of direct-to-consumer commerce), and Monitor-Deloitte’s think tank at UC Berkeley (on the fusion of data mining, behavioral economics and social networks). A global thought leader, those publishing her insight and foresight include Fast Company, NPR,