Founding the company in 2017, the firm’s CEO & Chief Analyst is Marsha Lindsay. She’s a globally recognized thought leader, author and popular speaker on what’s best for what’s next: Her life’s work is research that identifies and forecasts emerging customer, marketplace and leadership dynamics. (She has a thirty-year track record of strategic foresight; seeing factors others miss.) To strategically deal with what she discovers, she then does additional research in order to provide strategic recommendations which C-Suites, Boards and marketing teams can use to increase their odds of future viability, competitiveness, and accelerated growth. 

Lenses through which Marsha analyzes studies and develops playbooks include her decades of scholarship in the behavioral sciences: psychology, sociology, behavioral economics and quantitative psych (the statistical modeling of behavior). Collectively, these represent the universal and timeless drivers of motivation, attitudes, behaviors, decision-making, brand strategy, leadership and change management. (This scholarship makes her playbooks and recommendations particularly effective.)

Also informing Marsha’s analysis, insight and strategic foresight is considerable business experience: Service on three fiduciary boards (with committee responsibilities in audit, governance, compensation and capital investments). Service on one of the first VC firms investing in women and minority owned businesses. Over three decades as CEO of a national marketing consultancy that specialized in the successful positioning, launch and growing of brands and innovations. And serial entrepreneurship.

Marsha’s insight and foresight are in demand around the world: She’s participated in global think tanks such as Monitor Deloitte’s at UC Berkeley, and Zurich’s Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute of Economic and Social Studies. She’s presented at The World Business Forum in New York City (twice), Columbia’s Executive MBA program; keynoted conferences from London to Miami to Beijing. Those publishing her insights include Fast Company, NPR, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, Adobe’s, Ad Age, CEOWorld, and Becker’s Healthcare CFO.

Her training and consulting relationships span the Fortune 100 and multinationals, VC-infused startups, regional brands, and trade associations.  She’s been appointed to 5 Governor’s Commissions, elected board chair of her community’s Chamber of Commerce; elected to the executive committee of her state’s Chamber and the board and executive committee of a national trade association. Among the many recognizing her for making a difference: The International Women’s Forum. 

Marsha has been called one of the world’s leading authorities on branding as a strategy to drive growth, advantage and margin. For twenty-five years she curated and keynoted Brandworks University®, the annual 3-day conference (referred to as the “TED” of marketing) which provided MBA-level learning to 400 executives from around the globe.  She’s served on the advisory board of the Dean of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business, where she also pioneered and for two years taught the semester-long MBA course in brand strategy and management.