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List of Offerings (each detailed on the downloadable PDF)

  • Predictions for the future in a pandemic-spooked world.
  • The new best practices for strat planning given we’ve a future without precedent.
  • Emerging and surprising dynamics destined to impact sustainability and competitive advantage in next 3 years.
  • Strategies to accelerate growth and value creation in an increasingly digital, data-driven, direct and chaotic marketplace.
  • Finding your purpose, positioning, value prop and USP: Their inter-relationship and complete ‘how to.’
  • New competencies required to lead in the future.
  • Branding’s future as a strategy to drive preference, growth, margin.

List of Offerings (each detailed on the downloadable PDF)

  • How boards, C-Suites and even CMOs are inadvertently thwarting the future growth they desire: The only treatment.
  • Why (no matter your category) the business you’re now in is human behavior: The science to excel at in our increasingly D2C world.
  • Habit: How to break, create, and leverage it for your brand’s advantage, and more effective leadership.
  • The crisis all content marketers face: How to mitigate it and actually gain competitive advantage.
  • What’s changed and now critical for the successful positioning, launch and scaling of an innovation or new brand.
  • The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Handbook: Blind spots to know. Common advice to ignore. Strategies on which to bet.
  • Aligning for transformation, accelerated growth, marketing effectiveness, stakeholder benefit: Why, and how, to get your ducks in a row.

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