Insights, foresight and playbooks based on our research are available by engaging us for presentations, workshops and custom consults.

We help organizations and executives understand, strategize and align for the future in ways that advance them with less risk, fewer surprises, faster growth and preemptive advantage. The means by which we do this are robust, reliable:

1 – Emerging and potent: Issues and opportunities impacting every organization’s future viability and growth.

Every company faces a growth imperative, but our multi-year study reveals marketplace dynamics that are making it far harder; little-known game changers which, if embraced, can increase velocity of growth and preemptive advantage.

2 – Strong evidence of a decline in marketing effectiveness everywhere, along with surprising new strategies on track to be especially effective.

Independent studies from around the world chronicle causes of the decline. Our study uncovered emergent technology, innovation, advertising and brand strategies proving both effective and efficient. Many are the exact opposite of strategies commonly used today.

3 – The way most execs plan for the future actually increases risk to their organization and career.

Our study makes clear the problem, as well as how to de-risk the planning process. The result is a truly robust strategic plan for your next 3-4 years that integrates business, marketing, operations and change management strategies.

Bespoke study and presentation options.

  • Study insights and a resulting playbook on any one of the three forces above can be “sized” to fit a 30-to-60-minute presentation, a keynote, two-hour, half-or-full-day workshop.
  • A cross-section of insights from all three of the studies can be incorporated into a single presentation or workshop, time permitting.
  • Each of the first two studies can be extended and customized for any organization or brand, with examples, implications and stratagem specific to your category and competitive set.

Our insights have been published by

Investor’s Business Daily, The New York Times, Fast Company, Adobe’s CMO.com, Forbes, Ad Age, The 4As, AdWeek, Becker’s Hospital Review, and Becker’s Hospital CFO.