Mind-stretching education and counsel; 
actionable playbooks
to prepare for the future today.

What’s your focus?

“Most organizations allocate 90% of their efforts to “today” with the rest going to tomorrow. This means the day after tomorrow gets nothing. Of course, today generates your current value. But when plans for your future value don’t extend beyond tomorrow you won’t make it there. It’s that simple.

What distinguishes category kings and paradigm shifters from others is they focus – devote lots of time – to day after tomorrow thinking.”

Peter Hinssen at London Business School

Ours is the day after tomorrow.

Your ROI when engaging us:
We enable you to more easily and more quickly create the future as you’d like it be.

What we do:
With mind-expanding presentations, workshops and consulting, we provide day after tomorrow thinking (and stimulate that of C-Suites, Boards and marketers) on emerging trends, marketplace dynamics; opportunities to accelerate growth, competitive advantage and transformation.

Why we do what we do:
From experience and case-based evidence, we know that great insight and foresight are critical to survive; necessary to thrive:

  • Insight and foresight gained before competitors provides advantage: More time to prepare and create barriers to entry.
  • When an entire enterprise is enlightened on what lies ahead, people at all levels are inspired, aligned and mobilized on the same right things.
  • More gets done, faster. It’s easier to lead, transform, succeed.

How we do what we do distinguishes us from others:
From rigorous research (based on a methodology perfected over 30 years), we identify and analyze what’s just over the horizon that others don’t yet see. Then to address it, we do additional research to craft strategic playbooks with recommendations that help companies, brands and executives prepare more quickly for what’s next and strategically best. Most all of this work is informed and vetted by our own global Think Tank, providing confidence that what we “teach and preach” can truly help future-proof your company, brand and career.