Learn what will dramatically change in the future; get actionable frameworks to prepare for it today.

Our services are available in many forms: standard or bespoke presentations and workshops, one-on-one counsel. (Discounts are available to those who engage us for multiple assignments.) Bundling topics creates customized masterclasses. These deepen learning, advance corporate training goals, speed progress on company ambitions for growth and transformation.  Our three most popular instructional series?


The future of branding and innovation:

This reframes branding and innovation for a world where commerce, culture and consumption are converging; where business strategy is converging with marketing strategy. What attendees learn includes new criteria and performance metrics for effective positioning —how it relates to one’s purpose; the innovation strategy most promising to revenue generation and how it relates to experience marketing. How to improve short-term results while also driving margin and long-term equity.

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The future of business, value creation and growth acceleration:

Learning covers the dynamics necessitating every organization to prepare now for the day after tomorrow; a framework of strategies with which to transform, have competitive advantage, and drive year-over-year sales and margin.

It recommends organizational and revenue models; how to rev up value creation, new practices for marketing effectiveness; how and where data, AR and VR can contribute the most.

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New competencies for leadership and career viability:

This covers major dynamics driving change and in light of them, challenges leaders on such things as what they need to lead their organizations to do and how to inspire others to follow; identifying rules of thumb on which they’ve long relied yet which may no longer be true; ways they may be inadvertently stifling their company’s growth.

Attendees learn new competencies anyone charged with transformation should know.

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Proof of impact:

The value of our insight, foresight and teaching? They’re transformational. It’s why LF&S has been sought out by the Fortune 100, multinationals, VC infused startups, associations, think tanks, industry conferences and the business press. Most everyone that enlists us once then asks for more – a second and even a third presentation or workshop, and often, ongoing counsel. What ensures we deliver? 

  1. Experience across many categories and industries.  
  2. Experience teaching in companies of all sizes and in cultures around the globe.
  3. Years of research and teaching the future; years of learning from those we teach. 

Testimonials: “I expected to learn new things, but this was astonishing.” “Captivating and hyper-relevant.” “The half-day workshop was transformative.” “The learning is already changing company culture enterprise-wide.” “The presentation was dazzling.” “We expected to be impressed, but we were blown away.”