Our founder Marsha Lindsay is a globally recognized thought leader, marketing professional and popular speaker.

include Zurich’s Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute of Economic and Social Studies (on the future of direct-to-consumer commerce), and Monitor-Deloitte’s think tank at UCBerkeley (on the fusion of data mining, behavioral economics and social networks).

Marsha serves on three fiduciary boards with committee responsibilities in audit, governance, compensation and capital investments. She holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and served as an Adjunct Professor in the MBA program as well as the advisory board to the School’s Dean. Today she serves on the advisory board to the School’s MBA specialty Center for Brand and Product Management.

A serial entrepreneur, prior to Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem, Marsha founded and launched Brandworks University® which, for 25 years, was referred to as the “TED” of marketing, enjoying international acclaim for its annual MBA level learning for 400 execs. Marsha founded and served as CEO for Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, the marketing firm that specialized in the successful positioning, launch and scaling of new brands and innovations. During her 38 year tenure, the firm was nationally admired for its marketing and creative prowess; named “Small Agency of the Year” by Ad Age.

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