There’s also strong evidence of new and largely unknown strategies on track to being especially effective in accelerating growth and competitive advantage.

While independent studies from around the world chronicle many interrelated causes of marketing’s decline, we’ve identified emergent technology, innovation, advertising and brand strategies proving both effective and efficient. Many are the exact opposite of strategies people presume to be the best.

We’re also tracking the likely future of performance marketing; the future of brand marketing; the convergence of business strategy with marketing strategy – which has big implications for operational efficiency and strategic planning.

Our research has also uncovered one of the most misunderstood reasons for the decline of marketing ROI: It is the degree to which boards, C-Suites and CMOs are misaligned on what marketing is, the strategic role it can play, or how to measure its impact; what it takes to truly brand something or grow margin; how to achieve competitive advantage and preemption. Time and time again, educating and aligning people within an organization on these proves to be transformative. (It’s one of the most “in-demand” offerings of Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem.)

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Study findings, implications and strategic playbooks on how best to accelerate growth are available in standard or bespoke form. 

  • They can be “sized” to fit a 30- to 60-minute presentation, a keynote, two-hour, half- or full-day workshops.
  • They can be customized for any category or competitive set; the specific situation of any organization or brand.

Popular presentations and masterclasses based on our research.

  • A particularly powerful way to now frame a brand’s value proposition.
  • A means to speed up innovation while lowering risk and expense of new product launches.
  • The code to having an effective “purpose”: what does and doesn’t work; metrics on which to focus; best practices and vulnerabilities to avoid.
  • How to leverage habit for advantage.
  • The crisis all content marketers face; how to mitigate it and even generate revenue from the content.
  • Especially for entrepreneurs and venture investors: Marketing blind spots to which you’re most vulnerable. Common advice to ignore! Strategies on which to bet.
  • And continuing the intense training on brand strategy for which our founder is famous: Brandworks University (CIRCLE R): A custom workshop on what it means to brand, how to measure its impact; state-of-the-art best practices, tips and techniques.