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Informed by our study findings which uncovered multiple reasons a new and improved strat planning model is critically needed (download a free whitepaper on them here) we then did additional research. Then crafted, piloted, vetted and perfected a new and improved model. 

Already highly regarded and noted for its effectiveness, we now offer half and full day executive development workshops that teach the new approach to executives and Board Directors. Essentially MasterClasses in state of the art strat planning, their curriculum covers:

  • Overview of common planning models; pros and cons of each; what most are missing and risks. 
  • Additional risks of typical planning missteps, common vulnerabilities; blindspots to avoid and how.
  • The difference between strat planning and operational planning. 
  • Forecast of emerging marketplace dynamics to account for in every plan and S.W.O.T. analysis. 
  • Who should be involved in strat planning; why and how, and with what roles and responsibilities. 
  • LF&S’s new strat planning model, vetted and perfected, including how to now arrive at or refresh one’s vision, mission and core values, company purpose, brand positioning, value proposition.
  • Tips, techniques and best practices with which to tackle planning, insuring rigor and effectiveness.

Half and full day MasterClasses workshops share the same curriculum. However the full day is customized with research done specifically for the company for whom the MasterClass is provided. It also allows time for the new planning model to be applied to the company, giving their actual plan a jumpstart. (Custom consulting is a popular addition to both the half and full day.)

The new model is designed to maximize the odds that a company or brand will be viable, competitive, growing and profitable over the next 3 – 5 years. Executives experiencing the Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem model praise the way uncovers opportunities and mitigates risk. They also cite its clarity and ease of application; how they enjoyed the planning process despite the new model’s rigor. The President of Northcentral Technical College (who, along with her team experienced the full day MasterClass) testifies: “Marsha’s unique and transformative methods helped us hone our vision while becoming more efficient and effective in the strategic planning process.” More testimonials here


8 common blindspots that damn strat planning efforts and how to prevent them.

What’s your playbook to deal with the future?

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