De-risking requires training in a new approach researched, vetted and proven right for the times.

Most executives and those with whom they plan have never had training in how to plan well. As a result, any ineffectual approach to planning cascades down to ineffectual annual plans: ineffectual plans for departments, divisions, subsidiaries; non-strategic marketing that further puts an organization, brand and executives’ careers at risk.

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De-risking is made possible by our multi-year study, which uncovered why commonly used approaches to planning no longer work.

  • They’re out of date for the times, originating when the pace of business and change were slower, the world less complex and categories static.
  • They’re confusing, intimidating in their complexity. Busy execs don’t have time to complete them well.
  • They don’t account for emerging marketplace dynamics, so their perspective on future issues and opportunities is shortsighted.
  • They don’t account for all it takes to align people behind a plan. As a result, teams balk at the change a plan inevitably requires and the plan’s promise is never fulfilled.

Based on study findings and additional research, Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem has crafted, piloted, vetted and perfected a new and improved approach to planning.

The firm offers half- and full-day professional development workshops that teach the new model to executives and Board Directors. The curriculum covers:

  • Overview of common planning models; pros and cons of each; what most are missing; risks.
  • Typical planning missteps, common vulnerabilities; blind spots to avoid and how.
  • The difference between planning and strategic planning; strategic plans and annual plans.
  • Who should be involved in strat planning; why, and with what roles and responsibilities.
  • LF&S’s new strat planning model, including how to now arrive at or refresh one’s vision, mission and core values; company purpose, brand positioning, value proposition.
  • Tips, techniques and best practices with which to tackle planning, ensure rigor and effectiveness.

Those learning our new approach testify that it’s powerful but easy to use.

They especially appreciate the way the approach aligns a board, C-Suite and planning team on the same right things; how the plan’s strategies clearly cascade down to annual plans, departments, divisions. Executives also find that, while rigorous, the new approach is realistic about the limited amount of time they can spend on strategic planning.

    The approach we teach is an investment in professional development that serves executives – and their organization – for years to come.

    • Our approach fosters effective strategic plans and the casting of more effective marketing plans and crisis planning.
    • A simple presentation or half-day workshop on the new approach is eye-opening.
    • Customization requires, at minimum, a full workshop or multi-day engagement. This enables additional research on a company or brand’s situation; the delivery of a jumpstart on a company’s actual plan.

    To discuss any offering. inquire about a date or pricing: write [email protected].