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A presentation, workshop or consult from Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem on the megatrends impacting your growth acceleration and value creation plus a detailing of the LF&S playbook for how to prepare for them. 

Download the brief 14 page summary on The Quantum Age of Marketing, the 2018 study commissioned of Lindsay Foresight & Stratagem by the American Association of Advertising Agencies. The focus of the 200+ pages study? A forecast of how marketing will dramatically change between now and 2025.


More recently completed LF&S studies enrich understanding and playbooks of the above, and also reveal new findings on how to future-proof and future-make your company, brand, career.  Now available for event presentations and one-on-one counsel: 

  • How C-Suites are inadvertently stifling their company’s growth. 

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